China Now Ranks 34 Crypto Projects

China Now Ranks 34 Crypto Projects

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has expelled the latest crypto plan ranking. The core evaluated one more crypto plan this month, bringing the sum number of ranked projects to 34. Bitcoin has been downgraded while the tip two positions sojourn unchanged.

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December Update

China Now Ranks 34 Crypto ProjectsThe Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), underneath China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, expelled the eighth crypto plan ranking refurbish on Thursday. Thirty-four crypto projects were evaluated this time, with Ontology as the newest addition.

EOS stays number one in the altogether ranking, followed by Ethereum. Ontology debuted at number four, achieving the same measure as Komodo. BTC forsaken from the 13th position in the previous ranking to the 18th position, while BCH fell one place from the 29th mark to the 30th. Dwelling at the bottom is Decred, with NEM and Litecoin ranking just above it.

China Now Ranks 34 Crypto Projects

New Addition: Ontology

China Now Ranks 34 Crypto ProjectsOntology is described on the website as a distributed trust partnership platform. Its “blockchain horizon supports open blockchain systems and is means to customize different open blockchains for different applications,” the website details. The core privately evaluated Ont ID, Ontology’s custom for a “complete distributed temperament horizon ancillary temperament corroboration and authentication for people, assets, objects, and affairs.” According to the CCID:

Its [Ontology’s] categorical network was launched in Jun 2018. In this assessment, Ontology has superb opening in simple record and application, with a combination index of 112.6, ranking fourth in the [overall] list.

Rankings Across 3 Categories

The 34 projects were evaluated altogether as well as in 3 apart categories: simple technology, qualification and innovation.

China Now Ranks 34 Crypto ProjectsIn the simple record category, EOS, Bitshares, Steem, Gxchain, and Ontology tip the list this month. NULS has softened fast in this category, the CCID revealed. “According to the analysis model, the simple record [category] especially examines the technical fulfilment turn of open chains, including functionality, performance, confidence and decentralization.”

In terms of applicability, the tip 5 projects are Ethereum, NEO, Ontology, Nebulas, and Qtum. “The new Ontology transposed Dash in the tip five,” the core wrote. “The qualification [category] especially evaluates the extensive turn of open sequence support for unsentimental applications, including node deployment, wallet application, growth support and focus implementation.” As for the creation category, the tip 5 positions are assigned by BTC, EOS, Ethereum, Komodo, and Cardano.

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