Bitcoin (BTC) Valuation Models Are Wrong

Crypto, Bitcoin Market Is “Just A Bit Backward”

Michael Casey, the authority of CoinDesk’s advisory board, a well-recognized author, and the co-founder of Network Effects Media, sat down with Cheddar, an up and entrance business media outlet, on Thursday. The crypto-friendly opening called on the attention insider to plead the state of the crypto attention today, and a number of singular topics were brought to the table.

A Cheddar anchor, staving divided from seeking the outlet’s normal turn of questions, asked Casey if the way that crypto investors value digital assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), are putting cryptocurrencies into a crisis. Responding passionately, the crypto proponent, who frequently contributes to CoinDesk, remarkable that this market’s gratefulness models are “all just a bit backward.”

Elaborating on what he meant, Casey remarkable that cryptocurrencies and associated technologies are seen as a way to disintermediate ecosystems and to quell centralized entities. But now, the way that we value these blockchain-based resources is quite suggestive of how normal markets are run — a big no-no for doctrinaire decentralists.

He combined that we’re benchmarking crypto’s opening of fiat, or more specifically, we’re ceaselessly denoting BTC’s value in dollar signs, rather than the iconic ₿(itcoin). In other words, he pronounced that much of the crypto marketplace is focused on a successful exit into fiat, rather than progressing skin in the game, so to speak. Casey combined that this causes incentives to get misaligned, as investors look for profit, instead of ousting the mostly hurtful powers that be.

Case in point, the CEO of Bitpay recently told CNBC that much of the Bitcoin cost is formed on speculation, rather than legitimate use in the genuine world, generally in the day-to-day.

Bitcoin Fundamentals Boom — Network Value

Although Casey didn’t hold on how accurately to value cryptocurrencies, a flourishing thesis in this ecosystem has been the use of Network Value to consider this nascent industry. Most notably, the concepts of network value have been employed by analysts and researchers to establish what the “true value” of a cryptocoin, like BTC, is.

Just recently, Tom Lee, the conduct of investigate at Fundstrat, told his clients in a note that the satisfactory value for BTC is $13,800 to $14,800, privately due to the active wallet addresses, the volume of BTC transferred, and the asset’s singular characteristics of being a deflationary banking that is sovereign, censorship-resistant, borderless, and immutable. This forecast, interestingly, lines up with his overly confident end of year prediction, as reported by Ethereum World News previously.

While Lee was fast lambasted for his call, his confident opinion on Bitcoin doesn’t come unwarranted. Anthony Pompliano, better famous as “Pomp” to the crypto industry, recently spoke on the fact that the network that backs BTC is on the up-and-up, even while prices sojourn depressed.

Pomp, a former Snapchat and Facebook employee, exclaimed that at the core, Bitcoin is the world’s most secure transaction allotment layer, so value in BTC will always exist. In another piece, the Morgan Creek Digital partner remarkable that the flourishing transaction count, descending exchange fees, year-on-year hashrate growth, and the rare origination of active nodes is another reason to be bullish on Bitcoin.

In October, even Joseph Lubin, the owner of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum, told CNBC’s “First On” shred that while crypto is in the midst of a “bust,” fundamentals are “booming.” The sequence entrepreneur, who roomed with Mike Novogratz at Princeton, even remarkable this budding ecosystem is the strongest it has ever been, indicating that the decrease of suppositional seductiveness hasn’t irritated loyal believers of this innovation.

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