Bitcoin cost SURGE: Why is BTC bouncing behind today? Cryptocurrency marketplace rising

He combined that bitcoin, the biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, could be “pushing $50,000 by December”.

But, in a sheer warning to pledge investors, CoinTelegraph author Darryn Pollock has stressed that bitcoin is no way to make a “quick buck”. 

Mr Pollock said: “As old as the proverb is, it is value repeating and highlighting: ‘Don’t buy Bitcoin to turn an overnight millionaire’. 

“The reason this needs to be pronounced again is because it will end badly for the particular and for the currency.

“If like the Internet and all the compared powers today, you trust Bitcoin can change the world, then it is value shopping into today – while it is cheap. 

“If you are out to make a discerning buck, leave this space alone.”

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