Another Fake “Bitcoin Revolution” News Piece Surfaces as …

Another Fake Another Fake

On Jan 10th, the Malta Independent and Malta Today reported on an investment intrigue called “Bitcoin Revolution.” According to reports, two internal TV uncover hosts and an actor were reportedly concerned in this situation. However, the 3 people have since come brazen and denied pronounced involvement.

The original feign publicity was listed on Major News, display Wayne Sammut and Elaine Degiorgio, the hosts of One Breakfast. Along with the hosts, Major News secretly claimed that they had Davide Tucci as a guest on their show.

The news went even further, observant that the Maltese TV actor had used his on-air time to successfully remonstrate Degiorgio to make a deposition of 250 euros to Bitcoin Revolution. They suggested that Tucci had been means to get himself out of bankruptcy. Major News reported that the investment from Degiorgio had increasing to 483.18 euro “within 3 minutes” on the “show.”

The feign news offers mixed sum on the way to use Bitcoin Revolution, compelling how to pointer up.

Tucci squandered no time responding, charity a video summary on his central Facebook profile. He adamantly settled that he had never been concerned with any activity that concerned Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole, observant that the reports that suggested so were nothing more than a scam.

He stated, “This is clearly a fraud and click-bait. Please don’t buy into this.”

To serve his defence opposite the scam, Tucci has reported this conditions to the Cybercrime section of the Malta Police Force.

The One Breakfasts hosts spoke with the Malta Independent, observant that Tucci has never been a guest. Furthermore, they denied claims that any investment has ever been made on their uncover at all, notifying the military as well.

Newsbook, another internal news outlet, requested information from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to state if Bitcoin Revolution was indeed legal. In response, the management remarkable that there has not been any authorisation from the supervision for an operation underneath this name. Furthermore, the MFSA has decided to control an review on the matter as well.

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