8 Food Delivery Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

8 Food Delivery Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

Purchasing products and services online with cryptocurrency is apropos increasingly popular. A flourishing number of takeaway platforms around the universe are prepared to accept your digital money in sell for a juicy meal, be it a pizza, burger or vegan dish.

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Get Pizza for Bitcoin

With pizza being among the first equipment purchased with bitcoin, it only seems wise that we should start with a pizza smoothness portal that accepts cryptocurrency. Pizzaforcoins is a use formed in California where you can sequence from vital bondage such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.

Enter your residence and the system will try to find the nearest restaurants in your neighborhood. Then you’ll be stirred to name a store and name one of two options – have the pizza delivered to your doorway or collect it up at the location.

8 Food Delivery Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

The height relays your sequence to the restaurant, once the remuneration is received, with available dishes labelled in BTC. Pizzaforcoins claims it accepts over 50 other cryptocurrencies through an formation with Shapeshift.

At the time of writing, however, the Check Address and Checkout functions in the selling transport were not handling properly. This is expected to be a proxy emanate as posts on crypto forums prove that the website has operated successfully in the past.

Order a Dish With Digital Cash

Other, more determined food grouping services offer bitcoin enthusiasts much incomparable menus to name from. Amsterdam-headquartered Takeaway.com accepts cryptocurrency on some of the platforms it owns in Europe. One of them is Germany’s largest food smoothness portal, Lieferando, acquired by the Dutch association 4 years ago.

Lieferando.de, which works with more than 11,000 restaurants, combined bitcoin core (BTC) to the remuneration options in 2017, as news.Bitcoin.com reported. Because it uses Bitpay to routine crypto transactions, the website now accepts bitcoin money (BCH) as well. The same relates to the Polish subsidiary, Pyszne.pl, which partners with over 5,000 internal restaurants.

8 Food Delivery Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

Germany and Poland are Takeaway.com’s second and third largest marketplace respectively. The association now operates 14 renouned food smoothness portals. Its other vital platforms, including Takeaway’s Swiss edition and the original site in the Netherlands, Thuisbezorgd.nl, accept bitcoin.

Shuttle Delivery is a height that introduced bitcoin money (BCH) payments this past fall. It’s handling in and around the South Korean capital, Seoul. Shuttle Delivery allows BCH users to sequence food from over 200 restaurants in the area and compensate for the dishes with peer-to-peer electronic cash.

When Hungry

When Hungry is the general code name of a immature Russian food smoothness use which is perplexing to conquer European markets such as Germany and the Baltic states. The platform, famous in Russia as Хочу Поесть (Want to Eat), recently announced it’s usurpation payments in ethereum (ETH) and the possess digital token called WHY.

The portal now works in 90 Russian cities and 31 cities in other CIS countries. It’s partnering with 800 restaurants in the region, nothing of which supposed cryptocurrencies before to the preference to deliver the remuneration option.

To sequence any of the equipment in the menu with digital coins, users need to name ‘cryptocurrency’ when checking out and send the sum volume to a crypto address. A vast pizza can now be had for around 0.1 ether, which is much less, in crypto terms, than the 10,000 bitcoins paid for the first two pizzas bought with cryptocurrency back in 2009.

Do you design more food smoothness platforms to start usurpation cryptocurrencies in the future? Tell us in the comments territory below.

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