Bitcoin Cash Comes To eToro, Bitstamp

Bitcoin Cash, an altcoin combined from the hard flare that occurred in August is gaining steam with an augmenting number of trade and sell platforms, including eToro and Bitstamp, announcing skeleton to support the cryptocurrency.

While cryptocurrency sell Bitstamp is formulation on a Bitcoin Cash inventory possibly after this month or in early December, eToro has already begun permitting clients to buy the cryptocurrency.

On eToro, Bitcoin Cash has assimilated over 1,200 instruments, including other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, ethereum classic, litecoin, lurch and ripple.

eToro is an European amicable trade and investing height famous for the support for cryptocurrencies. In July, it launched the Crypto CopyFund trade strategy, which offers investors bearing to the most renouned cryptocurrencies in one portfolio.

The association says it binds the “wider aspiration to facilitate cryptocurrency investing and act as an accelerant for the adoption of blockchain technology.”

Commenting on the launch, Yoni Assia, co-founder and CEO of eToro, said:

“The recognition and support for Bitcoin Cash has been transparent among our user base, which has been seeking for eToro to supplement Bitcoin Cash to the height in flourishing numbers.

“The expansion of Bitcoin Cash proves there is space for healthy foe in the conflict for the destiny of currency.”

Assia is bullish on cryptocurrencies which he argues “will be the investment story of the 21st century.”

“We have long argued that cryptocurrencies paint an critical part of our common future. We trust the expansion in cryptocurrencies is only just commencement and that the cost expansion we are saying in cryptocurrency resources still does not simulate the destiny intensity of blockchain technology,” Assia said.

Last week, a designed hard flare on the Bitcoin blockchain that sought to boost the retard size to 2Mb, the supposed SegWit2x fork, was abruptly called off. The days that followed saw Bitcoin Cash ascend in value, mountainous as high as high as US$2,500 on Sunday. By Monday it had tumbled scarcely 60%. Bitcoin Cash is now trade at around US$1,093 and is the third largest cryptocurrency with a marketplace capitalization of US$18 billion.

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