Altcoin EOS Joins Top Crypto League, Surges 321 Percen …

Last week’s deteriorate of anguish saw gloomy markets that were moving only fear and panic in Bitcoin and altcoin communities, in sold for those who have not been in the crypto space for long. But this week has begun on a splendid note with the green days entrance back as most of the tokens have available growth.

On tip 10 cryptocurrencies, for instance, only two tokens continued to fall.

But the biggest warn was a new entrant to the tip echelons. EOS in a fairytale demeanour expansion jumped more than 300 percent to occupy the number 9 mark on CoinMarketCap early morning on Monday.

The decentralized business focus Blockchain in the routine pushed Monero to number 10 ensuing in BitShares losing tip nick status. In Cryptoland such astronomical expansion has been seen so many times… Needless to say, they just pass with the breeze and becomes a nine-day wonder.

Meteoric rise

This catalytic pierce comes at a time where EOS is finale the first 350 uninterrupted 23-hour  token sales in a few hours. At the time of filing this news on Monday morning, two mln tokens have already been distributed.

However, the sale of the sum of one bln tokens will continue on the Ethereum network for a duration of 341 days. According to, the association behind EOS, the extended duration of token sales is to describe adequate time for the village to reconnoitre themselves with the project, as well as attend in the distribution.

With an implausible 321.67 percent growth, EOS token was offered for $5.40. This indeed brought the marketplace gratefulness to more than $800 mln. The digital banking was first listed by Bitfinex in June, a few days before rising the token sale.

Hype? Don’t think so

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph reached out to some members of the crypto village on Bitcoin PowPow for their opinion on EOS’s remarkable pretentious growth. For Priyabrata Dash it is more of a hype.

But David Mondrus of Trive has a lot of indebtedness for one of the founders of EOS. “I like anything Brock touches, but we know zero about the details,” David said, referring to Brock Pierce, co-founder of

We will really strech out to the EOS group and refurbish our readers about this singular project.

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