Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC and IOTA Jan 31, 2018

Our concentration over the last integrate of days has been on NEO and the stress of $155.

After yesterday’s roof and NEO bulls cold showers at $155, prices are dropping land if this bear vigour cranks up in the entrance sessions, $100 turn number will be our host.

Comparatively, NEO is not the only crypto contracting, LTC and IOTA are also reverting to week finale 21 candlestick trail and somehow confirming this indiscriminate bear pressure.

Let’s disintegrate these charts:

IOTA Lower lows


IOTA Drops next $2.5IOTA Drops next $2.5
IOTUSD 4HR Chart for Jan 30, 2018

Patience is fast proof an item and for scalpers, they can as well exit their long projection which is opposite yesterday’s projection.

What is function now cost movement annulment back towards categorical support line at around $2 with reduce boundary at $1.8. In my opinion that is where we should design prices to rebound off supposing this murder starts to delayed down.

As it is, our few bullish perspective will be cancelled if IOTA closes next the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement in the daily chart.

Remember, such debasement means delay of bear vigour as cost movement corrects the apparent over-valuation.

I plan probable support at around the weekly chart’s center BB at around $1.85.

NEO Finds Resistance at $155


NEO Resistance at $155NEO Resistance at $155
NEOUSD 4HR Chart for Jan 30, 2018

Look at the stress of $155! As before, our expectancy was for NEO prices to find clever insurgency at this pivotal level. That is accurately what happened. Based on pristine cost action, bear resumption is expected to collect up from here.

Anyway, with these bearish soldiers relentlessly pushing prices reduce and in the routine recouping all NEO gains, support might end up at $100.

Besides the transparent bullish pressure, we should not forget that sellers indeed breached the center BB, a arguable support line over the past week. Because of this, support is expected to be found at last week’s lows.

Remember, week finale Jan 21 lows is also a turn number-$100- and bears a lot of weight besides being supportive to cost action.

LTC Breaks next $170


LTC sellsLTC sells
LTCUSD 4HR Chart for Jan 30, 2018

A BB fist and a bear mangle out later, LTC sellers are carrying a margin day. Even though we were net long yesterday, this dump effectively cancels our bullish projection.

Because of that bear candlestick shutting next our prior double bottoms, we can realign our sell projection and aim at Jan 17 lows of around $140 as our first sell target.

Our prior double bottoms at around $170 will act as first insurgency layer. The center BB will be the second and categorical insurgency covering suspect prices corrects and retest the mangle out line.

EOS Sellers Aim $7.2


EOS sellersEOS sellers
EOSUSD 4HR Chart for Jan 30, 2018

Not only did EOS bears erase our evident bear targets at $12, but as it did so, our brief tenure support line was breached-convincingly.

While we can contend the dump is over the normal daily range, this pierce is indeed minuscule. Previous surges have been fast generally when we perspective this in the weekly chart.

Prices are peaking and this is accurately what buyers looking to buy on dips are looking for.By the way, if we pulp a Fibonacci retracement between new high lows, we can absolutely place our ultimate bear targets at $7.2. That is a intensity buy zone.

This turn happens to be a double bar longhorn annulment settlement right at the 61.8% retracement level.

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