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(Ed. note: we wrote this guide for investing in cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs and blockchain stocks)

The cost of Bitcoin and the price of Ethereum has exploded in 2017. The doubt is either there is sufficient upside intensity to cruise investing in cryptocurrencies. Stated differently, is it (still) value looking into cryptocurrencies as an investment or is it too late?

The pivotal care is that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency to invest in. On the other hand, Bitcoin has made cryptocurrencies renouned and even more secure. Yes, there were really confidence issues a integrate of years ago, but it seems those issues have been resolved. So Bitcoin has helped mature the cryptocurrencies space.

InvestingHaven believes that a multiple of cost investigate and elemental investigate is the most suitable way to make a receptive investment choice, and to rivet in forecasting the cost of cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, we also look into the altcoins space in this essay in sequence to find investment opportunities.

InvestingHaven’s investigate group has collected 10 investment tips for investing in cryptocurrencies which are useful to investors not very informed in this space.

Investing in cryptocurrencies: tips, insights and upside potential

1. Cryptocurrencies investments are identical to investing to commodities

Investing in cryptocurrencies is very identical to line investing. The fact of the matter is that line have two ‘faces’. On the one hand, they are resources that are used in the genuine world. Base metals, for instance, are used in industry. Softs are used in the food industry. Precious metals are used in the valuables industry. At the same time, line can be invested in, through open marketplace exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies are similar. They are used in financial and word applications, but investors can also invest in cryptocurrencies.

From that perspective, it is needed to look at use and sum value that cryptocurrencies emanate in this universe when selecting a specific cryptocurrency to invest in.

2. Usage is flourishing as evidenced by the common marketplace cap

All cryptocurrencies sum have a market cap of more than $60B meantime. So that includes all cryptocurrencies in existence: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and hundreds of smaller and different ones.

To put that into perspective, for investors, here are some anxiety points: Tesla’s market cap is $50B, Boeing Airlines $100B, Coca Cola $180B (rounded sum for Apr / May 2017).

Note how the volume of genuine universe sell has left up together with the market cap which indicates that ‘crypto is for real’.

cryptocurrencies sum marketplace size

3. Most people are unknowingly about cryptocurrencies, an comprehensive minority uses them

If it is critical to look at genuine universe use as a pivotal criterium when deliberation investing in cryptocurrencies, then there is good news for investors: “you ain’t seen zero yet”.

According to Statista, who has dedicated a territory to cryptocurrencies useful for investing, we see that the number of adults in the U.S. informed with the most famous cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is only 24 percent. And, by distant the most critical information point on this graph, the number of Americans that use Bitcoin is 2 percent while the ones meditative of using it in the destiny is 25 percent.

Investors should get vehement when realizing this. Not essentially for Bitcoin, but more so for other cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrencies investing

4. Usage is the pivotal criterium for investors

As pronounced in the intro, examining elemental information is the pivotal component in our methodology to brand a decent investment opportunity. So supply and direct data, formed on use in the genuine world, is what investors should be focused on.

That is also what we used as a routine in our Bitcoin Price Forecast For 2017 and our Ethereum Price Forecast For 2017. Note that our Bitcoin foresee got filled meantime, as the cost of Bitcoin went over $2000, a foresee we made more two months ago.

As an example, when it comes to Ethereum, we have enclosed the draft which facilities the number of the transactions, see below. This is explanation that Ethereum is being used in the genuine world.

ethereum transactions

Moreover, the number of Bitcoins in dissemination is another explanation of cryptocurrency usage, as well as trade volume.

Note also how Ripple, a cryptocurrency which is meant to promote payments between financial institutions, and, in doing so, pushes transaction costs down meaningfully, has a good draft highlighting the clever use of some vast accounts along with the long tail of users: Ripple use statistics.

5. Where are we in the marketplace cycle?

Given the above information points, we cruise that we are nowhere nearby any point tighten to euphoria according to the normal marketplace cycle. It is maybe not very useful to cruise Bitcoin as an investment opportunity, though prices can go much aloft from here. However, there are many other cryptocurrencies which are only now starting to be deliberate by businesses, governments, and multitude opposite the globe.

With that in mind, we trust we are only in the confidence theatre in the marketplace cycle.

cryptocurrencies investments marketplace cycle

Note that this marketplace cycle can be deliberate by individual cryptocurrency as well (we deliberate all cryptocurrencies sum when we settled that we are in the ‘optimism’ stage). Bitcoin positively has left through this cycle, reaching euphoria in Jan of 2014.

6. Altcoins are identical to the dotcom hype, 80% will not tarry the storm

Pareto is one of the few concept beliefs germane in all areas of life, including in the investment world.

We see a dotcom form hype outset and, presumably, 80% of cryptocurrencies will not tarry the storm. We saw something identical in the dotcom hype. That is simply because, during a hype, users and investors do not concentration amply on the genuine sum value that is created.

It is needed for investors, when choosing cryptocurrencies to invest in, that they acknowledge the sum value that is created, from a business and multitude perspective.

7. A cryptocurrency MUST solve a problem in life

Just buying cryptocurrencies anticipating that they will broach an investment lapse does not make clarity at all. The sweet mark for every financier is the ability to solve a problem: the bigger the problem that gets solved, the aloft the intensity value.

One of the honeyed spots that cryptocurrencies can capacitate as a problem solver is to yield entrance to income and simple banking functions like wiring and paying. A fact that is different is that a outrageous volume of people globally do NOT have entrance to to these normal banking services. We cruise that Stellar Lumens, pitch XLM, is such an enabler. At the impulse of writing, Stellar Lumens trades at $0.05. Read on Fortune.com because Stellar has a disruptive potential, generally in the dull part of the world, and is value a cryptocurrency investment.

8. Create your investment portfolio with a singular number of cryptocurrencies

As with any other investment, investors should emanate their possess portfolio and work on it actively. Also, they should work on it for the very long term.

Creating a portfolio with some cryptocurrencies is the way to go. Choosing them selectively is imperative. Only invest in things you know and keep your emotions underneath control are beliefs that should always be applied, in every investment portfolio.

9. Crypto to money

Do not forget that your cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for ‘traditional money’. The marketplace is in the routine of enabling all exchanges: all normal currencies will be equivalent with all cryptocurrencies, earlier rather than later. So the lock-in risk which was benefaction a while back will not be a risk going forward.

Stated differently, your portfolio with cryptocurrencies is just another way to store cash, or sell crypto for income (money), over time as marketplace conditions change.

10. Read the right sources

Last but not least, as it goes with every hype, ‘everyone and his uncle’ can turn a guru during a hype. Be very distrustful when following people and selecting sources to read. The blogosphere has only a handful of bloggers who are value following, contend limit 20 percent.

Update: the peep pile-up in the cryptocurrencies on Sep 4th 2017

On Sep 3d and 4th the cost of cryptocurrencies fell neatly and mislaid some 20% in just 48 hours. Although this is suggestive it happened to all tip 10 cryptocurrencies as explained in this article. It is no reason to worry (yet). Read all about it in our article.

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