Young male buys initial home with cryptocurrency

– Cary Kuo, who lives in Washington, used a few thousand dollars to buy digital income in high propagandize a few years ago. Just a few brief years later, Kuo’s investment has led him to buy his first home at the age of 23. Kuo did it all through cryptocurrency. Like any standard new homeowner, Kuo has ideas for his new place.

“I’m gonna change out all the doorknobs, do several things,” says Kuo.

His 3 bedroom, two-bathroom home in Tukwila looks like any normal home.  

“I’ve always desired these Riverstone walls,” adds Kuo. He is anything but standard or traditional. The 23-year-old electrical operative says he`s been investing income since youth high school.

“Early 9th class until this past year, we had the bulk of my income in the batch market,” describes Kuo.

When his friends told him about investing in cryptocurrency, Kuo was wavering at first.

“I didn`t buy into it for a long time,” admits Kuo. Then, he became intrigued and looked into which cryptocurrency was best for him.

“Augur, Litecoin, there`s Monero, Ripple, there`s so many,” says Kuo. He decided to try his first investment in the digital marketplace this in Jun 2017.

“In one day, I put in $4,500,” explains Kuo.  

Cryptocurrency rates change rapidly, but he says a few thousand can fast turn a whole lot more.

“$4,500 can easily turn $45,000,” says Kuo, who combined to that initial investment over the subsequent few months. “Some investments, I make 300 percent lapse in just a month.” 

Less than half a year later, he was means to compensate more than $400,000 for this home only off the increase of his cryptocurrency investments. 

“I had no thought it was a novel thing,” says Kuo. “My representative texted me saying, ‘Fannie Mae pronounced you might be one of the first.'”

That agent, Nelya Calev, says when Kuo told her he`d be shopping with cryptocurrency, there were a lot of unknowns. 

“It just went way over my head,” says Calev. She also says with normal home purchases, there are experts you can strech out to for help. 

“With crypto and Bitcoin, there are no people we can go to,” adds Calev. 

In the end, Kuo cashed out his cryptocurrencies for unchanging U.S. dollars to buy the home and he skeleton to repeat his crypto genuine estate purchases. 

“I think I`m gonna try to buy a skill every year,” adds Kuo.

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