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Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been flourishing and intense in the last integrate of months. Not only in value but also by the projects being appreciated in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces. This vital positioning has acted a hazard to tip cryptocurrencies. To infer their integrity in holding over the tip spot, IBM has adopted the use of the Stellar technology.

With IBM products being used at the back-end of most banks, Stellar is now charity tighten to present cross-border exchange which they grasp by joining both ends of the exchange digitally. By partnering with IBM the stellar record could be headed for an publicity by the executive banks the universe over. This is already putting substantial vigour on Ripple and Ethereum.

Stellar is penetrating on occupying the position that is being assigned by the SWIFT network. With most executive banks around the universe carrying skeleton to issue their own digital coins and IBM being on the back-end of these banks, the Lumen blockchain is best matched to take over seats that were assigned by the likes of Ethereum and Ripple. This poignant stairs being made by Stellar Lumens will, hopefully, outcome in the hiking of the XLM token prices.

The hazard to tip cryptocurrencies is already being felt in the marketplace with business who used to be on the Ethereum network anticipating a new adore for the Stellar, for example, the family substructure which was formerly using the Ethereum height have since found the Lumen height to be better.

A statement from the Kin substructure read:

“All Kin exchange have taken place on Ethereum (ERC20). Moving forward, Kin transaction will be achieved on Ethereum or Stellar. As Ted discussed in a new AMA, the two blockchains will support Kin in different ways — with services handling on the blockchain that is best matched to their needs.”

Compared to the Bitcoin, the XLM, at the time of writing, has a cost boost of 4.77% while the Bitcoin achieved 3.75.8% in the past 24 hours. The commission boost in cost for XLM has been extremely solid over the past few months.

With stellar pulling for mass adoption for the blockchain, do you think the adoption will be directly proportional to the cost of XLM token and will it be a hazard to tip cryptocurrencies?

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Article source: https://crypto-lines.com/2018/04/07/threat-to-top-cryptocurrencies/