Why Relaxed Regulations in South Korea are Good for a Cryptocurrency Industry

What is the Role of Ethical Standards in Curbing Cryptocurrency Insider Trading?

by David Drake

South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), the country’s tip financial regulator, has  a new administrator after President Moon Jae-in authorized Yoon Suk-heun’s nomination.

Responding to reporters, Yoon Suk-heun pronounced the FSS will cruise relaxing cryptocurrency regulations. The FSS criminialized initial silver offerings (ICOs) and unknown trade of cryptocurrencies in Sep 2017 and Jan 2018, respectively.

South Korea’s Effect

South Korea’s outcome on the tellurian cryptocurrency marketplace can't be understated. According to Luis Manuel López, the General Coordinator of Workchain Centers, any regulatory preference South Korea creates has an impact on the tellurian marketplace as it is the third largest cryptocurrency marketplace in the world.

He says, “South Korea is the third largest cryptographic marketplace in the world, which means that any regulatory preference in the nation has a disastrous or certain impact on the universe market. Rumors of new regulatory bans in Jan 2018 had a disastrous impact on the cryptocurrency marketplace heading to a 40% dump in sum marketplace capitalization in a singular day that, has been called the “Black Tuesday”. Because conjecture has an critical purpose in the crypto market, any change in the law or just rumors of the South Korean supervision will beget fluctuations and vast swings in the prices of the value of digital income around the world.”

Increased Investor Numbers

If the FSS relaxes the regulations, the cryptocurrency attention will accept a vital boost.

One of the advantages of loose law in nation is a lapse of many investors the cryptocurrency market. According to Jori Falkstedt, CEO of GlobalSpy,  regulation is meant to strengthen investors. Therefore, good regulations will make investing in cryptocurrencies gentle and secure while augmenting taxation income for South Korea’s economy.

“As the South Korea’s Crypto marketplace is one of biggest in the world, loose regulations  will move lots of investors back to the market. Regulations are made to strengthen the investors, not to forestall investments. So good regulations will even make investing more gentle and secure for investors and as well move good income to the South Korea’s economy in form of taxes,” Falkstedt says.

All in all, the cryptocurrency marketplace is set to grow either South Korea relaxes the regulations or not, according to Latif Sim, Chief Information Officer at GCOX.

He says, “The crypto attention is set to grow, with or but law as the marketplace is relocating towards improving liquidity and low barriers of entry. Regulations contingency be nimble to adjust to the energetic sourroundings and it is needed that experts, the public, businesses and regulators come together to delineate manners that will be profitable to all stakeholders.”

Anonymity Challenge

According to Reginald Ringgold III, Founder of Decentralized Crypto Exchange and Index Fund, compromising anonymity in cryptocurrency trade raises confinement among people in the use of cryptocurrencies. Relaxing the FSS anathema on unknown trade will reestablish direct and boost expansion of the cryptocurrency industry.

He notes, “The transaction itself might be clearly anonymous. However, in most countries, one has to go through the KYC routine to emanate a new practical wallet. This means anonymity gets compromised by trait of being an owners of a digital wallet notwithstanding the fact that you are not using it. This alone creates people distressed in using cryptocurrencies for this very reason. Nevertheless, in some regions, digital wallets can be combined but going through correct marker processes. this loose regulatory sourroundings in South Korea will reestablish direct and boost the expansion of the cryptocurrency industry.”

Disclaimer: David Drake is on the advisory house for most of the firms mentioned or quoted in this article.

Article source: http://www.hedgeco.net/blogs/2018/06/08/why-relaxed-regulations-in-south-korea-are-good-for-the-cryptocurrency-industry/