Why Blockchain Technology Doesn’t Need Cryptocurrency

There is a common evidence opposite Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), you’ll hear it mostly repeated. The explain is that blockchain is an extraordinary record but cryptocurrency isn’t and will blur away, being transposed by more normal currencies such as the US dollar. I’ve listened it dozens of times from summary house bears, and vital financial publications. The problem? It’s an evidence from stupidity and misses the symbol completely.

People Need to Understand how the Blockchain Works.

By this point, we should all know that the blockchain is fundamentally a open ledger, stored opposite many different computers in different tools of the world, so if some go down the network stays up. When annals and exchange are available to the blockchain it is finished autonomously. In the box of Ethereum (ETH) this is achieved through the use of intelligent contracts. The intelligent contracts confirm the manners in the blockchain that concede it to be trustless and giveaway from relying on a pull to promote the process. In the box of Bitcoin (BTC), the silver itself carries users cryptographic signature to determine the flawlessness of transactions. Each cryptocurrency and it’s compared blockchain have their possess protocols but in sequence to implement the blockchain protocol, one will be compulsory to use the cryptocurrency.

Now for experiment’s consequence let’s take the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and mislay Ethereum. Immediately things tumble apart, no exchange can be conducted and the network stops. What happened? Well, now that ETH is left there are no intelligent contracts to approach the network and approach the transactions. And since there are no intelligent contracts there are no mining fees for the miners who are estimate all of these transactions.

You can see where we am going with this. Blockchain exchange are quite literally powered by cryptocurrency, they are not an capricious member slapped on tip of the blockchain, they are an constituent part of the blockchain. Some more code-savvy people might be wondering because not write intelligent contracts directly to the blockchain in this example? This is probable but in a demeanour that is finite. Smart contracts are permanent annals and will eventually pass the network space if implemented in this way. By using cryptocurrency, it allows for total intelligent contracts to be combined and recorded.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency will be Forever Inexorably Linked

One could always emanate a new blockchain, however, something will be compulsory run the network and submit, signatures, votes, exchange and any other parcel of information. You could give it a new name but that’s something will have an matching duty to cryptocurrency. For those drooling over the awaiting of kicking Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC) off their particular blockchain in preference of fiat currencies, this will sojourn a siren dream. Cryptocurrencies are not discretionary if one wants to take part in blockchain record and to mislay them from the equation it will take the origination of something else entirely.

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