What Is EOS? Here’s What You Should Know Before Investing

Launched in July, 2017, the EOS cryptocurrency is the token used for the EOS.IO platform. Like Ethereum and NEO, EOS.IO enables developers to emanate blockchain-based applications, focusing on DApps (decentralized apps), intelligent contracts and decentralized unconstrained corporations. While the app-creating program will only be expelled in Jun of this year, the creators of EOS have already begun distributing the cryptocurrency. The EOS token has fast turn renouned and determined itself as a top-10 banking by marketplace cap. Now, it has been made available for trade and investing on the eToro platform.

[Cryptocurrencies can vacillate widely in cost and are, therefore, not suitable for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Your collateral is at risk.]

What is EOS?

Bringing together elements formed on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain platforms, EOS.IO aims to give developers easy-to-use collection for building DApps. While most people customarily reconnoitre themselves with the financial aspect of cryptocurrencies, it is the blockchain component that has contributed to the success of some of the largest cryptos, such as Ethereum, NEO, Ripple Labs and Stellar. Alongside cryptocurrencies with considerable marketplace caps, these companies also capacitate the origination of real-world blockchain applications.

To make sure they expel a far-reaching net when rising their growth platform, block.one made the EOS token available around an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that spanned scarcely a year and lifted some $700 million.

Despite clarifying that investors will only be receiving the cryptocurrency, with no rights of ownership, it was still a large success. Block.one pronounced it will use the deduction from the ICO to rise their EOS.IO platform.

EOS – EOS (Dawn 3.0 Release)

EOS: Built for speed and scale

According to the company’s white paper, the open-source EOS.IO height is being built to capacitate immediate exchange and good scalability. While some other cryptocurrencies knowledge latency and increasing imbecility as they scale, EOS claims it will not humour from such problems. Therefore, on tip of the appeal, the height could have for developers, it could also have clever offered points for cryptocurrency traders, as speed and scalability could urge the EOS token’s liquidity.

Trading EOS on eToro

Launching on eToro as part of the ever-growing charity of cryptocurrencies, EOS is another top-10 crypto that can now be traded and invested in on eToro’s discerning trade and investing platform. Investors can buy and sell the crypto on the height and supplement them to their cryptocurrency-based portfolio. Combining the considerable market cap and the intensity for being another considerable further to the universe of DApp development, EOS could be a excellent further to both cryptocurrency traders and blockchain enthusiasts’ portfolios.

Cryptocurrencies can vacillate widely in prices and are, therefore, not suitable for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Your collateral is at risk.

*Please note: EOS has a singular daily invested volume on eToro. When it reaches the daily limit, it will be sealed for new investors and reopened the following day. Therefore, it might be intermittently taken for investments via the day.

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