What Cryptocurrencies Are Worth Buying On A Bear Market

Recently, we celebrated a bearish trend on the cryptocurrency market. Even though, there are a lot of engaging news about cryptocurrencies, and there’s one thing that matters more for investors: profits. A few weeks ago, on Feb 6th, Bitcoin reached a low of $6,259 according to CoinCodex. Since then, the cost has been vacillating reaching $11,858 on Feb 20th. One of the things that you should know is that on Jan this year, Bitcoin had the lowest turn of marketplace prevalence with a 32.46% value. Today, we can see that Bitcoin has recovered a good part of his marketplace prevalence – with 44.3% at the time of writing. Bitcoin lighting network is right around the corner, and with it might come a new call of merchants prepared to start using Bitcoin as a means of payment.

If you have recently started to invest in cryptocurrency or you want to, it’s critical to know that the marketplace is intensely volatile. Which means it can possibly frightful you with a 50% dump overnight or it can prerogative you with 100% gain. What matters is to know when to invest and in which cryptocurrencies or assets.

A bear marketplace is not the best time to invest if you’re a beginner in trading, the marketplace might pile-up down even more and you can remove a good volume of your investment. Unfortunately, no one is means to call with a 100% correctness when the marketplace is crashing or mooning – so it’s critical to learn Technical Analysis.

What are the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in on a bear market?

Here is a list with the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in. This should not be taken as an investment advice. It’s critical to know that even these cryptocurrencies can diminution with 20-30%, depending on the market.


Ethereum is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies. Started as an ICO  with a rate of 2000 ETH per Bitcoin in the early presale – Ethereum was one of the most rewarding ICOs in the terms of investment. Introducing the tenure of Smart Contracts, it brought something new and singular to the cryptocurrency market.

Ethereum Logo
Ethereum Logo

Since center 2017, Ethereum started to grow – reaching a tip of 0.151 BTC in Jul 2017. That was but a doubt the ideal impulse to sell ETH until now. We used the ETH/BTC ratio in sequence to calculate the distinction in BTC. It’s critical to notice that in the Dec 2017 – Jan 2018 period, Ethereum increasing in USD value with more than 300%. But the ETH/BTC ratio had only a 0.111 maximum.

Even though, Ethereum’s cost decreased since then – it’s still one of the most used cryptocurrencies and one of the best investments. Exactly a month ago, Ethereum had a value of $923. Today a low value of $460 was reached – with the cost sitting at $534 at the time of writing. Even at that price, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that can keep boost the value in the future.

2. NEO

NEO – the famous non-profit community-based  blockchain plan – is a cryptocurrency that couldn’t be blank from the list. It started as an ICO too – with a $0.03 per NEO price. Since Jun 2017, NEO had one of the most extraordinary uptrends from the cryptocurrency village – reaching a $160 all-time-high.

Neo Coin Logo
Neo Coin Logo

On Mar 18th, NEO reached the lowest value of 2018 : $49.49. At the time of writing, the cost is $66.15 – a 30% boost in just a matter of hours. This might be the bottom value for NEO until now – but every markets suffers corrections and astonishing drops.

Besides the price, it’s critical to know that NEO offers dividends for the token holders. The dividends are paid in GAS. More informations about this can be found on NeoToGas.

3. Monero

Monero – one of the most used remoteness cryptocurrencies – is another good investment. Created in 2014 by Nicolas outpost Saberhagen – Monero brought the thought of remoteness to the cryptocurrency market. If you want to find out more about Monero, you can review more by checking their wikipedia page or by reading the BlockGeeks guide.


From the investment perspective, Monero made a lot of early investors happy. On this time last year, Monero was value about $13. Yesterday, Monero forsaken to a $175 value in USD and 0.0237 BTC. At the impulse of writing, the USD cost is $211,64 while the BTC value is 0.0253.

Even at this price, Monero is deliberate a good investment option. The village is intensely useful and recently news seemed about a intensity formation of Monero on the Ledger wallet. Over the past month, the normal cost was above $250 and many investors tend to trust that the cost will strech $500 this year.

4. Litecoin

Litecoin is also one of the most used cryptocurrencies. The low send cost and quick send times have made of Litecoin a cryptocurrency used by hundreds of thousand of people. Recently, Litecoin gifted a 30% expansion in a day flitting the $200 mark. The news that shabby were lonesome by us on a past article.

At the impulse of writing, Litecoin is being traded at around $155. Even though, the marketplace suffered a critical dump yesterday, Litecoin cost seems to be unaffected. The lowest point that Litecoin overwhelmed yesterday was around $138 in USD value and 0.0187 in Bitcoin value.

Litecoin Logo
Litecoin Logo

Litecoin is not an investment where you can benefit an easy distinction in a brief time. We advise Litecoin as a long tenure investment as the cost is has not reached the rise yet. Some people likely that Litecoin will strech $400 in 2018 while other trust it will pass $1,000. One thing is transparent – Litecoin has room to grow a lot more.


There are even more cryptocurrencies that are value buying, but we comparison the ones that we trust are the safest to invest in. Why are these cryptocurrencies deliberate the safest? Because all of them have chances to redeem after a marketplace pile-up as they are ordinarily used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

There are also a few riskier ones that might grow even more, that’s because we advise to do your possess investigate when you’re shopping and always honour the golden order : Don’t invest more than you are means to lose. The Cryptocurrency marketplace is way more flighty than a normal one – which can frightful even an gifted batch merchant or a financial expert.

Keep in mind that a bear marketplace is riskier than normal. We advise you to buy small amounts of cryptocurrency at a given cost and not all at once.

Example : Ethereum’s cost is $800. You have $800 to invest. The cost forsaken to $750. You can buy a 10-20% here. If the cost dump even more – you might buy another 10-20% and so on. Accumulating solemnly is reduction riskier than shopping all at once.

This is a guest post and should not be treated as an investment advice. It’s just a trader’s opinion over the marketplace sensitivity and how you can distinction from it. 

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