What Are a Googles and Amazons of Cryptocurrency, a Truly Great Investments Right Now?

I hatred to contend it, but my prophecy for the whole cryptocurrency marketplace is playing out accurately as expected. we have oral many times about an unavoidable improvement in crypto prices, most recently as the keynote orator at the BCI Summit in NY.

Why caring what we have to say? Well, we did write the book on value and behavioral investing for McGraw-Hill, and founded MatriX on HadePlatform.com, program that 1,000s of investors trust each month for investment analytics and predictions (200% better than SP 500 over 4 years).

That said, prices for tip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC) are acrobatics lower. These waste could get worse before removing better, because cryptocurrency is the Dotcom burble reborn, but that also means good opportunities will be presented from an attention that is forced to evolve.

Let’s not forget, Google and Amazon were innate from the Dotcom bubble. Neither association “created the internet”. Instead, both found more fit ways to implement the internet while investors and markets were selling anything and all compared with the internet. Ultimately, Google and Amazon thrived because both challenged the normal from the beginning. 

In retrospect, the crypto burble has appearance and the days of selling anything and all “associated” with cryptocurrency and creation income are over. Moving forward, you will only make income on the Googles and Amazons of cryptocurrency, companies and services that maintain a evolution and plea what’s now normal. 

What are the Googles and Amazons of crypto?

Over the last 20 years Google, now Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL), and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) have grown to turn two of the world’s most profitable companies. Both are Web formed companies.

Think of cryptocurrency and the internet as being the same. The internet is a big part of our bland lives, but there is still a lot we do bland that’s not compared with the internet. Cryptocurrency will eventually turn a big part of how we save, invest, and spend, but it will co-exist with fiat, not reinstate it. The pivotal in anticipating the Google and Amazon of crypto is realizing where and how crypto is best practical in the future, much like accessing information and communication or selling on the internet (ie Google and Amazon respectively).

When you cruise the advantages of cryptocurrency (anonymity, inexpensive estimate fees, tellurian trade) vs the shortcomings (latency and  physical accessibility) it is definite that the ideal opportunity in cryptocurrency is in mobile and Web focus payments, the business-to-consumer payments industry. Likewise, the biggest event for blockchain is in the corroboration of information (licenses, education, work permits, big data, etc.). 

As an zealous follower in the destiny of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and also an entrepreneur, we deliberate these contribution and the quintessential components of what creates the likes of Google and Amazon great, and then we started building the now marketplace prepared Hade Pay (check out HadePay.com).

The Foundation is Key

At first I suspicion the cryptocurrency attention was not a bubble, and it could mount a belligerent as is. That faith altered when our appurtenance training staff started crunching numbers, and we found that scarcely 90% of all volume for Bitcoin and Ethereum (the fast currencies) was tied to trade possibly each other or all the altcoins that even Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse admits will expected be archaic in 10 years. we then satisfied the attention is indeed a bubble.

In retrospect, that’s because Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett hatred cryptocurrency so much, because the whole attention is formed on who will buy higher, who will assume more, with no unique value or substructure to support a future.

Cryptocurrency needs a stronger foundation, and we built Hade Pay realizing that mobile and online payments for tangible products and services is that foundation. Hade Pay is the first and only use that legitimately leverages the positives of cryptocurrency and blockchain, then addresses a weaknesses so that businesses can emanate new income streams and easily accept digital banking payments but disrupting their stream payments infrastructure. 

Ultimately, we built Hade Pay by realizing what made the likes of Google and Amazon successful, and we are betting that cryptocurrency and blockchain are as critical to our destiny as the internet was in the late 1990s, regardless of the marketplace pile-up it temporarily caused. While projects that emanate cryptokitties, digital cities, and invalid applications might means more “FUD”, and are positively more fun to speak about, the projects and companies that maintain this industry’s unavoidable expansion towards tangible payments are those that will be the biggest investments of the subsequent decade, the Googles and Amazons. 

With that said, we titillate you to check out the marketplace prepared HadePay.com, review our white paper, and know how HPAY Coin functions and the purpose of our Verifie blockchain. Then, you will know what kind of companies and investments to look for.

Let me highlight that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will mount the exam of time. They will! However, conjunction ETH or BTC will lapse to prior highs or strech new heights unless the attention as a whole can mount on a stronger, more stout foundation. Hade Pay, which allows for tangible payments and exposes cryptocurrency to a $5.7 trillion industry, is that stronger foundation. 

As an investor, find the stronger foundation. 

Article source: https://hadeplatform.com/articles/2018/06/24/googles-and-amazons-of-cryptocurrency-truly-great-investments-right-now