Website Outlines The Cost of 51% Attack on Altcoins: It’s Lower Than You Think



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A website has been combined that estimates the cost of a 51% attack on different cryptocurrencies, permitting enemy to maliciously double spend, definition to spend the same change twice. The site developer who goes by /u/xur17 on Reddit spoke to CCN about their proclivity for formulating the site:

“There was an conflict opposite Bitcoin Gold a few days ago, which made me extraordinary what the cost of an conflict would be with rented hashing power. I did the math and was overtly kind of repelled – someone could conflict a cryptocurrencies value tighten to a billion dollar for $10k an hour and even reduction than that if you embody the retard rewards.

This got me to calculate the same total for other coins, and again it was cheaper than we suspicion it should be. The idea of the site is to drive more courtesy to what we see as a pretty vivid problem with these smaller coins. Hashing energy is easily retargetable, so not only can people lease hashing power, the incomparable mining pools can route hashing energy at smaller coins for a few hours to conflict them.”

The design next is taken from the crypto51 website which was posted on the cryptocurrency subreddit of Reddit yesterday. While other websites have much aloft estimates for the cost of a 51% attack, they did not means in the probability of renting the mining apparatus instead of shopping it.


Cost of 51% Attack


Cryptocurrency mining rigs are very expensive, and the hardware compulsory to govern an conflict on even a small silver with few mining nodes to contest with would be astronomical, requiring server farms full of top-tier rigs and the electricity compulsory on tip of that. The hardware compulsory to conflict the Bitcoin network would cost over $1 billion, and hourly electricity costs over $500,000. However, it’s also probable to simply lease the hashing energy from the NiceHash use which already has the hardware compulsory to move many different altcoins to their knees, according to xur17 of

The distant right mainstay which indicates that NiceHash only has 2% of the hardware compulsory to try an conflict on the Bitcoin network shows that the use could successfully be used to conflict smaller networks like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, MonaCoin, Bytecoin, and many others.

In fact, both Verge and Bitcoin Gold suffered a successful 51% conflict just a week ago, with Bitcoin Gold losing $18 million to double spending. The conflict made headlines, and it was insincere by many that a outrageous operation was behind the crypto-heist. However, it appears that NiceHash could be used to secrete the BTG crush rate for underneath $4,000. The site claims that NiceHash could be used to take over the crush rate of the Bytecoin networkworth over $1 billion for an whole hour for underneath $600, with other coins exposed to multi-million dollar attacks for equally diminutive costs.

Charlie Lee of Litecoin is among the many people holding the numbers on the website seriously:


What accurately is a 51% attack?

A 51% conflict enables enemy to control the “hash rate” of a banking and spend the same supports twice and flare the blockchain into two, formulating different records. Double spending was always a problem with the idea of digital currency, and Bitcoin was invented with a resolution in mind: blockchain and the Proof of Work system.

The blockchain bill keeps a presumably permanent record, and the PoW system requires mining computers to theory numbers and solve algorithms in sequence to determine sell and supplement new blocks of information to the blockchain: the process used to theory the numbers is called “hashing”, and the “hash rate” is the number of guesses per second.

A blockchain is stored on computers called nodes. Large networks have many nodes creation them very costly to conflict due to the guess energy required. However, networks with fewer nodes can be hijacked with reduction guess power. Anyone in control of 51% of the crush rate could, for example, send supports to an sell and trade them for other coins, then use their hashing energy to erase the transaction they just made, withdrawal them with the supports they sent and the supports they received.

A 51% conflict is theoretically probable on Proof of Stake systems as well, but the enemy would need to buy approximately half of the silver supply (an movement that would means the cost to usually boost as they bought up more coins), creation it very costly and also very formidable to guess the loyal spending energy required.

If the total on the website are accurate the implications are huge, and a good many altcoins need to recur their confidence with the probability of a 51% conflict in mind. The use of the NiceHash use to cut costs creates it staggeringly easy for anyone in the know to conflict a crypto-network, creation the smaller Proof of Work coins intensely vulnerable, lifting the doubt of because 51% attacks don’t occur more often, or indeed, either they do and we just don’t know about it.

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