UTRUST Announces The Integration of Top 50 Cryptocurrency Digibyte

UTRUST Announces The Integration of Top 50 Cryptocurrency Digibyte

UTRUST continues to allege the remuneration solution, bit by bit, through unbroken vital partnerships and, now, through the doing of tip cryptocurrencies to assistance with decentralized remuneration processing.

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The remuneration resolution bills itself as the ”PayPal of Cryptocurrency,” anticipating to minister or even act as the matter for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption by shortening crypto remuneration friction..

UTRUST Integates Digibyte

UTRUST has taken nonetheless another step towards realizing the idea of creation cryptocurrency mainstream by integrating Digibyte into the tech for more decentralized remuneration processing.

The supposed “global blockchain” of Digibyte was creatively an try to emanate what radically amounts to a more decentralized chronicle of Bitcoin. The plan has developed over the past 4 years, since the inception, now it’s one of the largest cryptos in the universe in terms of marketplace cap.

According to UTRUST’s central press release, the group expects the formation to also supplement to their platform’s confidence — assisting consumers safely use mixed currencies.

DigiByte Awareness Team Marketing Manager Rudy Bouwman uttered his fad at the due integration, stating;

“We are vehement by the awaiting of operative with UTRUST and removing DigiByte to be your remuneration estimate solution; this would concede us to grow organically and attract more seductiveness as an open source solution.”

Growing Brand Awareness with Digibyte and Pundi X

In further to the Digibyte implementation, UTRUST recently fake a vital partnership with associate remuneration resolution — Pundi X. This partnership saw UTRUST buy 1,000 of Pundi X’s point-of-sale inclination and, in return, supply them with the start up’s crypto comment settling functionality.

These two moves by the association are sure to make some big splashes in the cryptoverse as the startup starts to lead the way as a limit cryptocurrency remuneration solution.

Both Digibyte and Pundi X are well-respected names among crypto enthusiasts — thus, comparing themselves with both can only supplement to the company’s credit among traders and grow their code recognition among all.


UTRUST claims to be the world’s first remuneration height for cryptocurrencies featuring Buyer Protection and Instant Payments. The association wants to build a PayPal-like repute for cryptocurrency payments by facilitating them in a secure and user-friendly way. Providing faster, safer and more available payments is the platform’s ultimate goal, which could eventually move about large-scale adoption and user acceptance in the long-run.

UTRUST is fast apropos a devoted name among blockchain circles as they grow their repute with high-profile partnerships and the formation of already determined cryptos with their possess remuneration facilitating tech.

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