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NEO coins: the future

NEO, also famous as “Chinese Ethereum”, tends to strech new heights with the ICOs.

Called AntShares since the day of founding, in 2017, it was rebranded to NEO.This year also brought a poignant change in financier seductiveness in NEO.NEO has already turn one of the platforms for regulated ICOs recognition of which is increasing.

NEO digital banking has reached $161,55 on Jan 16th, 2018, which is 3 times aloft than in Dec 2017. As of today, because of the altogether crypto banking drop, NEO sells for around $114 per coin.

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There is a number of facilities that make NEO clever that seems to be quite appealing for investors.

Multiple languages support

NEO can be rubbed in more languages, which creates it more stretchable and so has a stronger value expansion potential.

Instant dividends

The value of the dividends have been growing. NEO holders indeed accept income for holding coins.

More exchanges open for NEO

WIth acceptance to more and more exchanges including Poloniex, NEO tends to grow in the future.

NEO is OK with the Chinese officials

Despite the ‘war’ of Chinese supervision with cryptos, NEO group is entirely agreeable with Chinese regulations.

Moreover, there are over 25 ICO on NEO height designed for 2018. NEO developers’ team-work with authorities and biggest companies have really a good impact on the repute and fortitude of the coin.

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