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XRP might be down on the marketplace this Monday morning, but don’t think for a notation that we don’t have some vital Ripple news for you! Ripple, the crypto and payments startup, has made headlines today, for two different reasons. 

So, should we burst right in? In this article, we will be looking at the following: Ripple news and Ripple cost news.

Ripple News | Jun 4, 2018

Crypto enthusiasts woke up Monday to thriving amounts of Ripple news. Two Ripple (XRP) headlines have captivated the crypto village today, with the first being the news that Japanese SBI Holdings will be rising a crypto sell that focuses on trade XRP.

Let’s look at these two announcements in more detail.

SBI Holdings Launching Crypto Exchange 

On Monday, SBI Holdings announced that it will be rising a crypto exchange. The crypto sell will be called VCTRADE. Many have been watchful for this day for a while, deliberation SBI Holdings initially announced the crypto sell back in 2016. 

Right now, however, the SBI Holdings crypto sell is only going to concentration on trade XRP. That said, the Japan-based financial establishment has earmarked support for BCH. Perhaps this will occur once the SBI Holdings crypto sell gets some crypto trade knowledge underneath the belt. 

Many were vehement about the news, quite the XRP community. 

Ripple Donates $50M to Universities 

This is another square of Ripple news present around and creation waves. On Monday, it was announced that the association donated $50 million to 17 different universities. If you’re wondering if this concession is in XRP, we have the answer to that: it’s not. The $50M will be paid in dollars. 

The point of the concession is so that universities can speed up their adoption of blockchain technology. According to the company’s SVP of business operations, there is a high direct for jobs in blockchain, which means we need to be educating those that will be requesting for these jobs. After all, it won’t be Baby Boomers requesting for these jobs. 

17 schools have entered into a partnership with the company, including MIT and the University of North Carolina. 

XRP Price News

Meanwhile, XRP is now offered for $0.65. This puts XRP down 1.92% in the past twenty-four hours. This is not the first bad trade day the cryptocurrency has had this year. In fact, XRP is down more than 70% YTD. 

Ripple Ripple

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The Takeaway

Were you vehement about any of these announcements? Or are you focusing more on XRP and the cost movement?

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