Litecoin (LTC) partners with TenX to launch Litecoin withdraw card

In the crypto market, tip coins like Bitcoin and Ethereal are saying confident days lately. On the other side, Litecoin has been confronting a few difficulties recently — and has not been means to say the mark in the tip 5 rankings. However, it has something (in fact, a couple) very sparkling entrance up. The Litecoin substructure and TenX have come together to deliver something that more approaching is going to impact their users, in a certain way.

TenX will now start ancillary LTC on Android as well as iOS. indeed, it truly is one step ahead. But even more, sparkling news is, TenX and Litecoin are looking to start a co-branded card. Regarding this new plan, more updates from both companies are approaching to come out shortly officially.

The TenX group records on their blog:

“We are also vehement to announce a new partnership; we have reached out to, and are operative with the Litecoin Foundation to deliver a co-branded label for which more information will be available soon. We wish to turn the elite remuneration height for fans and owners of Litecoin, and can't wait to see you use our wallet and join the revolution!”

With this update, we know that Litecoin is not going to be extinct. Although there were questions about LitePay being launched and canceled; it looks like Litecoin has come up with something that will change the trend.

Undoubtedly, Litecoin still seems to be an critical silver in the marketplace that has intensity increase — one contingency not forget it still is in tip 10 cryptocoins list (ranks 6th, currently), there contingency be some good reasons behind that, right? Earlier Abra had selected Litecoin as their primary asset, and now with TenX partnership, it looks like Litecoin will see good times.

Apart from this, there is nonetheless another good news that Litecoin village has got. LTC has now turn available on Korbit, which is the most conjectural cryptocurrency sell in South Korea.

Charlie Lee has even made an central proclamation about their listing, and he also put up a smart acknowledgement destined to Gemini saying:

 “Korbit is now trade Litecoin!’, The last remaining vital sell not ancillary LTC nonetheless is @GeminiDotCom. What are you watchful for?

With a ranking of #28 on the Coinmarket cap, Korbit is the biggest south Korean height to sell cryptocurrency. The sell has been used to trade the tip coins like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and now it offers Litecoin trade as well. Indeed, this is another clear advantage to the Litecoin.

The Litecoin network’s story began in 2011, and it has a earnest story as it competes opposite the vital coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and was always deliberate one of the tip coins. The silver has been doing quite well solely for a few dips like the one recently, due to the fact that LitePay didn’t happen. But now with all these earnest partnerships and listings on tip exchanges, it might be means to fill the LitePay’s blank nicely.

The one reason because many users cite Litecoin is also because of the easy accessibility. Besides, it has a really quick transaction rate. In fact, it just takes around 2.5 mins for a block. Nevertheless, LTC is faster that Bitcoin itself that takes scarcely 10 mins to process. At the moment, Litecoin has a trade value of $150 per token and has $8 billion marketplace cap.

Consequently, progressing there were speculations raised about how the value of Litecoin will go up to $100 by the end of the year. However, we will have to wait and see if all of these advantages will indeed assistance lift the value of the silver to what is speculated or even more than what is speculated.

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