How to Use The Switcheo Dex | Switcheo $SWH Tutorial | NEO …

-Breaking Down Blockchain-
Demystifying Decentralized Exchanges: Switcheo Exchange $SWH
Welcome to the first part of Breaking Down the Blockchain. Today Iā€™m going to be diving into the universe of $NEO and demystifying the first decentralized sell DEX on the NEO blokchain: The switcheo exchange.

The sell is proof the utility and is safer than any centralized sell out there since you have full control over your private keys, which stay in your browser and are never sent elsewhere. How in the universe to you use the damn thing, because if you are not informed with a decentralized sell it can be quite confusing. How does it review with Binance? Bittrex? Coinbase? Tune in to find out how to use it effectively šŸ™‚

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