How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There to Buy?

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There are 1,381 cryptocurrencies listed on, but not all of them are value buying.

But the number of cryptocurrencies and investment dollars going into them is no warn deliberation the towering gains these coins can bring.

Just look at these returns:

And that’s just the start of how essential the cryptocurrency marketplace could be…

how many cryptocurrencies are there to buy

Currently, cryptocurrencies have a market cap of $658 billion.

But by 2018, billionaire merchant Mike Novograntz believes the crypto market cap will strech $2 trillion.

Remember, that market cap will be made up of more than just Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

That’s because those other 1,378 alt coins look so appealing.

And because more and more investors will look for reduction costly cryptocurrencies than the ones mentioned above, we wanted to share two critical tips our readers need to know.

But we also want our readers to be wakeful of the hazards concerned with shopping cryptocurrencies…

Investing in this marketplace is very risky. The cost of a obvious silver like Bitcoin could stand to $50,000 just as easily as it could fall to $5.

Like with any investment, never risk what you can’t means to lose.

And to extent risk, investors have to perform their due industry before creation a preference on either to buy a crypto coin.

Unfortunately, the volume of information to examination can be overwhelming, and a lot of investors don’t even know where to start looking before creation a decision.

That leaves people creation a reckless preference they could end up regretting, or they will lay on the sidelines and watch other people get rich.

That’s because today, we want to facilitate the routine of shopping cryptocurrencies for Money Morning readers with two easy-to-follow strategies for crypto investing from our Cryptocurrency Expert David Zeiler.

And by following Zeiler’s roadmap, Money Morning readers can make smarter cryptocurrency investments.

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The first plan is evaluating the care behind a coin, which will assistance you equivocate scams.

That’s important, since we’ve seen the prices of cryptocurrencies that have a clever care group stand between 281% and 2,803% in the last year…

Know the Team Behind a Cryptocurrency Before Investing

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