Ethereum This Week: Cryptokitties Phenomenon, Is …

Cryptokitties go crazy on Ethereum network

One of the first blockchain online games using on the Ethereum network has left viral since the new launch, apropos Ethereum’s busiest contract, holding up over 15% of trade on the network and reportedly concealment the founders $ 1.3 million in the process. is a blockchain diversion where people buy, breed, and sell the changed pussies for as little as a few dollars and trimming into the thousands of dollars for very singular breeds. Unusual and sought-after characteristics are twirly mustaches, beards and bizarre colorings with the cats being means to be traded in a Pokemon character trade label game.

In the last week as the diversion grew and grew and took ever more trade on the Ethereum network, to the point where the developers Axiom Zen double the transaction fees in an try to revoke trade and latency.

Here at we are guessing this will be the immature dwindle for many diversion developers to inundate into the blockchain spectrum chasing new fortunes.

Is BitConnect a Ponzi scheme?

There has been much conjecture among the crypto press of either BitConnect is a legitimate scheme, investment, banking etc recently with it being rather misleading how it works and how the inner prices are really set.

Adding to the difficulty is also that some exchanges have listed it as BTC treacherous buyers looking for BitCoin Cash. When both Vitalik Buterin ( Ethereum founder) and Charlie Lee (Litecoin founder) were asked on chatter if they believed it was a Ponzi scheme, they replied it was most likely.

With this arrange of press and clearly much difficulty as to how it indeed works, are the days numbered for BitConnect?

Microraiden payments go live on Ethereum

After the initial launch on the ethereum exam network many months ago, the Microraiden remuneration intrigue has been activated to yield a new scaling turn within Ethereum much identical to BitCoins micropayment intrigue Lightning.

Although singular at this point to a limit of  100  Radian (RDN) deposits until totally debugged and proven, the system aims to open up the Ethereum system for micropayments made almost instantly on a large scale.

Ethereum breaks $ 500 separator and then beam back

After reaching an all-time high of over $ 500 at the end of Nov and then descending within days to $ 434, Ethereum has been holding solid in the $450 to $ 480 mark

Whilst not carrying the over the tip broadside that BitCoin is attracting, many are still saying and desiring that Ethereum has the ability to grow massively nonetheless with the changes being put in place to urge the record and the scalability.

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