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EOS is an Ethereum like blockchain technology, combined by Dan Larrimer. Creator or Steem and BitShares. The ICO of this plan starts on Jun 26, 2017, at 13:00 UTC.


EOS Strengths:

  • Dan Larrimer has combined two very successful projects: Bitshares and Steem.

    Main features:
  • Parallel Processing: The ability to do things in parallel, faster transaction speeds and more scalability.
  • A Constitution: A set of manners on which everybody agrees upon, these are related to every retard mined.
  • Self Sufficiency and Evolution: The stream indication allows for a 5% inflation, this will be used to rise the network further.Decentralised handling system:
  • EOS is identical to a decentralised handling system, in use this means that developers can build applications on EOS. Owning EOS coins is a explain on server resources. A developer needs to have EOS coins to use the EOS blockchain. Developers will not spend the coins to use the server resources, s/he just need to infer they reason them.This handling system will be hosted on servers (data centres) which in lapse will
    • This handling system will be hosted on servers (data centres) which in lapse will also be block producers. Block rewards in EOS are the inducement for these servers to horde EOS applications.
    • The applications using on this decentralised OS will be means to promulgate with each other, there will also be measures to “firewall” applications.
    • Applications use very common functions such as user/password, user interfaces, backend (database) management. This means that applications can share frameworks or libraries which make growth faster, more secure and reduction technical. For example, applications will have their possess secure database and record space on EOS.
    • EOS will concede developers to emanate blockchain applications with which end users will easily correlate with. Probably most users would not even know that they will correlate with one when using EOS as this will be totally pure to the users.


  • Etherum does a very bad pursuit of creation interacting with their blockchain a user-friendly process.
  • EOS categorical aspirant Etherum, final users to compensate for every transaction. EOS will not do so. This will incerase adoption.
  • ERC20 like tokens can be combined on EOS, this means that ICOS can be hosted on this blockchain.
  • The ICO is one year long this should boost distribution, which should boost adoption.
  • 200,000,000 two hundred million   – distributed during a 5 day duration commencement on Jun 26, 2017 at 13:00 UTC and finale on Jul 1, 2017 at 12:59:59 UTC.
  • 700,000,000 7 hundred million – separate uniformly into 350 uninterrupted 23 hour durations of 2,000,000 EOS tokens each commencement on Jul 1, 2017 at 13:00:00 UTC.100,000,000 one hundred million   – will be indifferent for block.one and can't be traded or eliminated on the Ethereum network.
  • 100,000,000 one hundred million   – will be indifferent for block.one and can't be traded or eliminated on the Ethereum network.

EOS Challenges

  • The stream ICO marketplace is very agitated. To me, it feels a bit like a insanity at this time.
  • Ethereum has the first inciter advantage in the intelligent agreement space, a lot of systems have been built on Ethereum and it has proven itself to be a blurb class blockchain. It is not unfit for Ethereum to adopt the same model. It is already formulation to change from a POW to a POS.There are other
  • There are other competitors besides Etherum for example, RChain, Rootstock/RSK, and Crown have not nonetheless expelled their intelligent agreement / decentralised height apartment but once they do it could be cheaper and easier for developers to use these new platforms.
  • There are other blockchains with intelligent agreement capability such as BitShares and Graphene currently. These have singular intelligent agreement capabilities at this time but they could adjust their systems to a identical indication in the future.
  • Smart contracts will be entertaining formula rather than binaries. This would make progressing exclusive intelligent agreement tech trusted difficult. I am doing serve investigate on this point.
  • Dan Larrimer has a story of relocating on to the subsequent thing, he did so with Steem and Bitshares. This is not indispensably a bad thing, but if the timing is not right the plan could suffer.
  • There is no top on the volume of income being saved in this ICO. How will the additional supports be managed? Could this lead to a hyper valuation? What happens once the tokens can be moved? Would short-term investors try to make a discerning buck, sell and means the prices to crash?

Is EOS a good investment?

This doubt is unfit to answer at this time. The stream ICO insanity could be a cause in shopping tokens at a high price, the law around tokens is diseased at best. EOS is still a baby and still needs to make it’s first stairs before it can be deliberate mature. On the other hand, EOS is the first decentralised handling system. Investing in this ICO is a risk, but the rewards could be equally high. EOS is a good investment according to one’s possess personal risk per investments and investment portfolio. Good Luck

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EOS ICO some thoughts:

  • Bidding at the start of the first 5 days means that probably investors will compensate a aloft gas price.
  • The ICO structure means that investors in the first turn could compensate $1 for 1 EOS while investors on a Sunday in the center of Aug could compensate $1 for 100 EOS.
  • It is unfit to establish who will compensate reduction for their EOS. Would diversification solve this problem?
  • On the other hand, if investors reason shopping off for after they could find themselves in a much incomparable organisation with the same idea.
  • Probably, savvy investors will have algorithms to check how much income has been invested on a sold day and then bid at the very last moment.  My theory is that this system could probably harmonize the cost of the ICO on each day.

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