Daily Price Watch: NEO and LTC Price Analysis

Bitcoin and the tip 20 cryptocurrencies are creation little or immaterial swell which could only meant that tough times are forward of crypto. Among the tip 20 cryptocurrencies around the world, NEO and Litecoin have been all over the mainstream media for certain reasons. In box of NEO it has recently launched a preview for the new 3.0 height and the association behind Litecoin, the Litecoin Foundation has reportedly acquired 9.9% interest in a German bank and cumulative a remuneration partnership with it.

Current Market Position of NEO and LTC

As per the time of writing, NEO and Litecoin are placed at the 13th and 6th largest cryptocurrency of the universe according to Coinmarketcap respectively. NEO has amassed around $2.08 million of marketplace collateral since Litecoin is amassed sum marketplace capitalization of $4.34 million. At the stream moment, both of them are being traded at 2-2.30% detriment at different crypto exchanges. NEO’s stream cost is approximately $32.09 and Litecoin’s stream particular is tighten to $75.67. According to the 24 hours exchanged volume it is transparent to see that $88 million value NEO has exchanged hands within the past 24 hours and the figure is tighten to a whopping $273 million for Litecoin for the same volume of time.

Litecoin Analysis

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Litecoin had been pang from the bearish trends of the markets since a long time but yesterday’s news per Litecoin foundation’s new acquirement sent LTC on the trail for a brief recovery.

Price Analysis: as per the time of writing

  • High: 75.93
  • Low: 74.71
  • RSI: below 40

The pivotal highlights of Litecoin cost investigate are as follows:

  • The new upside alleviation has sent Litecoin to a $75 opposite US dollars but the charts do point out towards a insurgency of $80 which was $79 opposite US dollars yesterday. According to the feed from Kraken, LTC changed faster towards $75 and formulating a support area.
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have seen LTC struggling in the crypto markets after the vital decrease which means that the LTC/USD span has to mangle in the center of the insurgency levels of both yesterday and today in sequence to benefit more certain transformation towards recovery.
  • If LTC buyers achieved the clearing of stream $80 resistance, there’s a good event for the silver to pierce forward towards $82-83.00 levels but disaster will means the cost opposite US dollar to strech at the bottom of $76.

NEO Analysis

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NEO charts are display consistent downtrends as time goes by and a immaterial liberation section.

  • Price Analysis:
  • High: 33.94
  • Low: 32.82
  • RSI: touching 40

The pivotal highlights of the cost investigate for NEO opposite USD are as follows

  • If we look at the relations strength index or RSI, we can see that it’s going serve reaching 40 which is indicating the fear of vendors to lapse and that creates NEO cost decrease continuously.
  • According to the charts, NEO has more open space to decrease and span from $36 to at slightest $42. Stochastic has changed towards south newly implying that NEO cost would pierce serve down.
  • Evidently, NEO is on the way towards a downtrend which would settle a selloff that would sojourn for a while. The banking is attempting alleviation since the RSI on the 4hr draft indicates annulment arrangement around $32.


Crypto traders are watchful for the retracement of marketplace position. As the bears weaken, the bullish trend would start combining formulating certain hum and mouth-watering more investors.

Happy Trading!!

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