Crypto Payments Platform UTRUST Announces Integration with World’s Longest, Most Secure Blockchain, DigiByte

UTRUST, the heading height for remuneration solutions, continues to make headlines in the cryptocurrency space, with the latest proclamation of a record formation with the DigiByte blockchain, famous as the world’s longest and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence.

Because of DigiByte’s unchanging development, fast village expansion and continual expansion of new use cases, it has turn one of the most decentralized, secure and fastest blockchains with the ability to scale even more. 

UTRUST’s goal is to build a gateway for facilitating secure use of cryptocurrencies for the bland functions that matter opposite the world. As it works towards genuine universe integration, it believes that this will coax the routine of widespread use and mass adoption of blockchain record to capacitate easy use of crypto in e-commerce for ubiquitous daily life needs. 

More Payment Options, More Freedom Of Payments 

And now,
thanks to this formation of DigiByte and UTRUST, users can now suffer an even more secure remuneration resolution that lets them use mixed cryptocurrencies safely and easily, compelling a pull towards mainstream adoption. 

DigiByte will now be total to the list of cryptocurrencies upheld by UTRUST remuneration options, following up last month’s pierce to exercise Pundi X’s Point-of-Sales (POS) systems that concede merchants globally to physically accept crypto payments. 

Rudy Bouwman, DigiByte Awareness Team Marketing Manager, couldn’t have been more gratified at this proclamation of integration, observant that operative with UTRUST to confederate DigiByte as a remuneration estimate resolution would drive organic growth, while attracting more seductiveness in them as an open source project: 

“We wish not only to emanate a strong decentralized open blockchain, but to change the universe for the better.” 

Strong and active communities are a thesis common by both UTRUST and DigiByte, and both sets of users will easily see the common advantages of carrying a rarely secure, discerning and fit transaction routine for cryptocurrency. The new partnership will precedence significantly reduce fees than competing UTXO chains, while being distant cheaper than other digital resources in general. 

The two technologies – each a series in their fields – total will outcome in UTRUST being means to send value globally on interest of users around a highly-secured network, A multiple of the two technologies will capacitate UTRUST to send value internationally on interest of the users, through a rarely secure network – introducing new waves of change to e-commerce. 

Forward Thinking Blockchain 

DigiByte’s rarely efficient expansion group have dedicated themselves to move pioneering record to the DigiByte network for the past 4 years, and have regularly brought some blockchain firsts with record such as SegWit, MultiAlgo mining and DigiShield. 

There is no singular point of disaster in DigiByte’s decentralized network, with a globally distributed node custom securing the blockchain. 

Instant, Assured Payments 

UTRUST introduced Buyer Protection and Instant Payments for cryptocurrencies, featuring an general height much like PayPal, with crypto support. Fast, safe, easy payments are pivotal in the goal to move about mainstream adoption. 

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