CPU Coin List | Cryptocurrencies for Your Processor

The CPU Coin List is a sortable list of Alternate Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) that can be mined on your CPU. The coins with GPU miners have the GPU Advantage distributed to establish the crush speed advantage of the GPU miner.

Coins are listed in alphabetical order.

The following conditions contingency be met in sequence for coins to be combined and sojourn on list:

  • The silver contingency be combined to a vital sell within 60 days of release.
  • The developer group contingency sojourn active. Active means immediately patching any errors.
  • The GPU Advantage is reduction than 10.

0. No issues
1. Premine (2% or less)
2. Premine (more than 2%)
3. IPO (Initial Public Offering – Premine is sole for BTC)
4. Source formula is not available.
5. Other, see silver page.

Article source: http://cpucoinlist.com/