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Join our village of 10 000 traders on for just $39 per month. published an open minute in response to Last Week Tonight horde John Oliver after the comedian ribbed the company’s flagship plan — EOS — during Sunday’s cryptocurrency-themed episode.

John Oliver Ribs EOS, Brock Pierce in Crypto-Themed Episode

As CCN reported, Oliver clinging an whole part to cryptocurrency, a subject which, in his words, “combines all you don’t know about money” with “everything you don’t know about computers.”

Most viewers lauded Oliver for his altogether offset take on the ecosystem, but fans of blockchain plan EOS took emanate with the host’s characterization of this cryptocurrency — and the huge initial silver charity (ICO).

Specifically, Oliver poked fun at partner Brock Pierce, an early cryptocurrency adopter famous for his eccentricities.

After personification several clips of Pierce, including one in which he discussed his “unicorn wedding,” Oliver said:

“I simply exclude to trust that a male who has the time to classify a unicorn marriage at Burning Man should be devoted around one and a half billion dollars. If someone incited up to reap your grass and gave you that accurate debate you would tell them, ‘No way! we don’t trust you with my lawn.’ He’s just gonna classify a wizard quinceañera on it.”

Oliver then extended his critique to make EOS the poster-child of the ICO craze, which has seen a accumulation of indeterminate projects lift eye-popping amounts of capital.

“Who knows? Maybe EOS is going to be the subsequent Google. we don’t think it is, and we positively don’t think it can be value over a billion dollars at this point, but we could be wrong. I’m positively not, but we could be,” Oliver concluded.

Block.One Responds to HBO Host

On Tuesday, responded to Oliver’s shred in an open letter published on the EOS blog.

In the statement, which was addressed to “Block Chainiver” (Oliver floated changing his name to boost his ratings, much as several companies have finished in an apparent bid to siphon up their share prices), pronounced that the association enjoyed the shred and resolved with his altogether points about doing correct investigate before investing cryptocurrencies.

However, the association also pushed back a bit opposite his criticisms, arguing that the company’s arch technical officer — Dan Larimer — is immensely competent as a developer, given that he has built both BitShares and Steem. It also remarkable that Larimer and the other EOS developers are consistently creation swell on building the EOS blockchain and that these developments can be seen on the project’s Github repository. also suggested that — before to the Last Week Tonight segment — the association and Brock Pierce had jointly resolved to part ways as he “transitions to eccentric village building and investment activities.”

The association resolved the matter by acknowledging that there is room for alleviation in the way in which it conducts corporate communications.

“As a flourishing association building value through an open source village as against to normal avenues of exclusive program ownership, we are unwavering of the significance of strong corporate communications,” the association said. “We take veteran standards severely and are always focused on lifting the bar as our association transitions from startup to assertive growth.”

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