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My Thoughts on the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash

Honestly we don’t really buy it I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin money and you indeed got this for giveaway if you hold it in your possess wallet with your possess private keys whenever the flare happened and that’s with many hard Forks for other cryptos as well so keep that in mind if you ever hear that a hard Forks entrance up you can get yourself some giveaway coin. Actually, we meant that’s a big part of the reason because Bitcoin started the boost because people knew that there would be a separate so if they had 10 Bitcoin they would now have 10 Bitcoin money which at this point would be value ninety 6 hundred dollars for them so Bitcoin money helped the siphon it seems like a Bitcoin whenever it went from just a thousand dollars all the way up to the nineteen thousand dollar symbol so as you can see the futures at that separate indeed happened around Aug but the futures showed it at 5 hundred dollars. The cost forsaken all the way down to two hundred and eleven before boosting back up to the 8 hundred 9 hundred operation and which is solemnly slim back down all the way back down to 3 hundred and then there was this really big siphon that happened in Nov of 2017.  This was during my anniversary indeed we was with my mother on a outing in in Georgia and we was fervently checking the prices of all these coins and Bitcoin cash had nineteen hundred and fifty 3 dollars! What was crazy about this sold siphon was the fact that it was Korea. South Korea doing the a big portion of the siphon if you looked at the volume underneath the markets tab. we meant bit ride was the number one exchange by distant and you see how much higher South Korea for some reason is willing to compensate for their coins it’s always been like that.  Ever since I’ve been examination the coins and South Korea really really pumped that up and it almost looked like it was market manipulation and then there was some freezing function on silver market cap to where radically the bitcoin money cost was twenty 5 hundred dollars and everybody else in the US and other countries were profitable you know seventeen eighteen hundred dollars. The price was solidified on 25 for the number one volume on silver market cap which was bit home and it wouldn’t pierce from that high mark and that was artificially inflating the other prices after on silver market cap indeed decided to stop showing those prices from South Korea because they were so much aloft than everybody else. It kind of made the marketplace a lot more profitable than it was at the time. Excuse me, so Bitcoin money we don’t really see it going anywhere in the destiny unless hacking of bitcoin or something that could occur and this is the only way we really see Bitcoin cash being means to attain long term. That would be if Bitcoin just automatically like if something really unequivocally bad happens you know it automatically goes almost to 0 then we could see the money funneling into Bitcoin money if there was a outrageous penetrate some form of vulnerability found and somebody stole all the coins or something happening with the formula that couldn’t be fixed. With the hard flare that’s the only way I could really see Bitcoin money going something now there are their own developers there was a lot of other Bitcoin splits previously that are now working on Bitcoin money so they do have some efficient developers.

Closing Thoughts on Bitcoin Cash

There’s a good possibility that it could spin into something good in the long term. I mean it could could very well be a long term expansion plan we just don’t we don’t really like it because it’s like using the Bitcoin name to try to almost call themselves the loyal Bitcoin and the marketing strategy and some of the things I’ve seen in these marketplace pumps we just don’t like. we could be passed wrong on it this could return to the original Bitcoin one day if something does happen with Bitcoin like for me that’s the only way we could see that function so that’s all we really have to contend about Bitcoin cash. make sure you allow to the youtube channel give me a like or follow and then I’ll be posting them a lot more content we have daily crypto overview so I examination the whole marketplace in the news for the marketplace for the day every day and then I’m bringing you the hundred crypto in a hundred days and once that’s done we’ll enhance on it will take a little deeper into some of the other projects and I’ll answer some of you guys questions and we have a lot designed for the channel I’m really going to be putting in a lot of calm a lot of hard work interjection for examination I appreciate any support to the moon!

It’s B Wells have a good one guys.

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