Analyst Predicts What a Future Holds for Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies Market

Bitcoin, the world’s most renouned cryptocurrency, skyrocketed in 2017, from below $1,000 in the commencement of the year to the ancestral miracle of $20,000 progressing in December.

The cryptocurrency marketplace has recently gifted a fibre of losses, culminating in a nosedive on December 22, with Bitcoin descending next $11,000. After the extreme downturn, Bitcoin recovered and has been hovering between $13,000 and $16,000 in recent days.

Sputnik: Today, as Bitcoin is ruinous record after record, what is your foresee for 2018?

Tkachuk: Bitcoin is a new tool, so required methodical instruments can't always be practical to it. The tellurian trend for its expansion remains, including the futures prices on the Chicago exchange. In general, marketplace players design the ceiling trend to continue.

Sputnik: How can you explain the waste in the cost of Bitcoin?

Tkachuk: High sensitivity is normal for new financial instruments. A thespian boost in price is customarily followed by a vital drop.

Investors are very supportive to the news and delicately conflict to any changes. In addition, until this month, Bitcoin had traded only on electronic exchanges, which are reduction fast than traditional exchanges.

Sputnik: While the recognition of Bitcoin is an achieved fact, how could you criticism on other cryptocurrencies?

Tkachuk: Each blockchain record and each cryptocurrency has their possess feature. For example, the Ethereum platform has intelligent contacts. Dash is unknown while Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have an increasing retard size.

The recognition of a cryptocurrency depends on how investors see the prospects of its technology. It is notable that recently Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero have shown vital growth.

Sputnik: What do you think about the suggestion, for example, by Saxo Bank researcher Kay Van-Petersen that Bitcoin’s expansion could be taken down by Russia and China?

Tkachuk: Russia’s share in global cryptocurrency trade is small and the change of our nation [on the market] is insignificant. But China is a trendsetter. Bitcoin forsaken in September when the Chinese regulator was tightening the screws in the cryptocurrencies market.

Sputnik: The Russia supervision has discussed the thought to introduce the supposed “CryptoRuble,” which would be the only authorised digital banking in Russia and would be taxed just like the Russian ruble. What prospects would such a banking have?

Tkachuk: The two categorical facilities of any cryptocurrency is the deficiency of regulation and anonymity. The CryptoRuble would have conjunction and so it would face problems competing for investors with other cryptocurrencies.

If the Russian supervision particularly regulates the marketplace there will be a shade market. Transactions in cryptocurrencies are almost unfit to trace.

Sputnik: Bitcoin has a number of competitors, some of which are corroborated by oil and gold. What are the advantages of such cryptocurrencies?

Tkachuk: we think that cryptocurrencies backed by physical commodities will not be very popular. We can see this on such examples as Bilur, which is corroborated to oil and GoldMint [backed by gold].

If you want to place a gamble on the expansion of oil or bullion – gamble directly on oil or gold. Due to the same reason, shopping bitcoins is better than buying Bitcoin futures.

Sputnik: Is the thespian boost in the recognition of cryptocurrencies already inspiring normal currencies or maybe the change could in the future?

Tkachuk: Today, in terms of its size, the cryptocurrencies marketplace can't be compared to the normal financial market. For example, Bitcoin’s market cap is hundreds of times reduction than the income batch in the United States, the American batch market’s top or American GDP.

In the future, blockchain could take the share in the remuneration systems market, but will not totally reinstate Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. In some situations, a regulator is critical and the risks of blockchain are not well assessed. In general, the destiny of cryptocurrencies will count on the process of global regulators.


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